What are the benefits of a home inspection? 

√    Assesses the condition of the home and building elements

√    Identifies components that are not performing at maximum efficiency

√    Describes items that are near the end of their life cycle

√    Provides maintenance tips to protect your investment

Types of Inspections

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection (Buyers): 

This type of professional inspection provides the buyers with a clear and accurate understanding of the condition of the property they intend to purchase. The information provided will give the buyer the peace of mind needed to move forward with the purchase of the home.

Pre-Listing Inspection (Sellers):

If you are considering a sale of your existing home, it is wise to consider having a pre-listing inspection completed.  This type of inspection and report will assist the seller in working with a real estate agent to adjust the listing price or determine what work is needed in the home prior to putting it up for sale.

Single Component Inspection:

In a single component inspection, you may want an assessment about one area of the home, such as the electrical or plumbing system.  The final report would provide a description of this single component and any noted concerns or potential maintenance needed.

Detached House

$350 + HST
Up to 2,000 sq ft*
$375 + HST
Up to 2,500 sq ft*


$300 + HST
Up to 2,000 sq ft*
$325 + HST
Up to 2,500 sq ft*


$250+ HST
Up to 2,000 sq ft*
$275+ HST
Up to 2,500 sq ft*

Single Component

$125 + HST
(*) Each additional 100 sq ft over 2,500 sq ft is an additional $10 charge.
At First Sight Home Inspections is fully insured for Errors and Omissions and Liability.
A complimentary Thermal Imaging Scan will be included with each inspection. 
All fees are subject to 13% HST. Payment is accepted via Cash, Cheque or E-Transfer.